Are your program managers struggling to report and celebrate your programs’ wins? Is there lack of clarity about how to use real program data to inform decision-making? Are staff not engaged with program metrics?

Let’s start the new year strong with a 2-day Measure Workshop. In this workshop, your staff will work together to develop measures that are meaningful to them and to your programs.

You will learn to document and manage processes and outcomes. You will engage in a planning process to improve those measures. And you will learn a new process for planning and accountability as a team.

At the end of the workshop you will have:

  • A Theory of Change for your organization. Theory of Change is important because it documents why your organization takes the approach it does.

  • Logic Models for each of your programs. Logic Models structure decision-making and are the basis for evaluation. 

  • A Key Performance Measure for each program. Key Performance Measures keep your staff focused on shared objectives and on the organization's mission.

  • An action plan to improve program performance

  • A plan to use your new metrics to communicate with funders

  • Most importantly – staff buy-in on those measures and the plan!


In this workshop, we will cover:

  • Organizational Theory of Change

  • Logic Model building

  • Selecting a Key Performance Indicator

  • Developing and documenting performance measures

  • Using our data to communicate with funders

  • Selecting a Key Performance Indicator for each program

  • Developing an action plan to improve the KPI for each program

  • Staff accountability to the new plan

  • Communicating with funders using data

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