Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative(DSNI) is a community based organization in Roxbury, Massachusetts that works to empower residents of the Dudley Neighborhood to organize, plan for, create and control a vibrant, diverse and high-quality neighborhood in collaboration with community partners. DSNI is the backbone organization of Boston Promise Initiative. Project Hope, one of DSNI’s partner organizations, is a multi-service agency at the forefront of efforts in Boston to move families beyond homelessness and poverty.

DSNI and Project Hope collaborate on an initiative called No Child Goes Homeless. The purpose of No Child Goes Homeless is to train faculty and staff in schools to recognize the signs of homelessness and housing instability in students so that they can refer families to Project Hope for housing support services. If the family chooses to pursue services, the Project Hope staff assists them with services such as advocating for their children’s educational needs, eviction prevention, housing stabilization, or housing search. The goal is to improve children’s educational outcomes.

In 2015, the program was small but demonstrating promise. In the hope of attracting wider support for the program, Project Hope and DSNI staffed asked me if I could help them demonstrate the project’s effectiveness.

I interviewed Project Hope and DSNI staff to understand the goals and processes of their initiative and the data tools that were already in place. The amount of available data was small, but I was able to work with data that Project Hope was already collecting to demonstrate a relationship between housing stability and school attendance. The findings have been invaluable to Project Hope and DSNI as they present this work to collaborative partners, such as the City of Boston.

Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative and Project Hope
Commonwealth Corporation
City of Cambridge
Jobs for the Future

Researched and authored the 2013 Massachusetts Healthcare Chartbook, a visual summary of the healthcare industry and professions

Evaluated the recruitment and selection process for work-first job training program serving chronically unemployed and underemployed and formerly incarcerated adults to help tailor the project to better serve formerly incarcerated individuals

Researched and authored report on career pathways for workers in the hotel industry through wage data, labor market information, and first-hand accounts of workers in the hotel industry

Co-designed outcomes study of educational and workforce development programming for youth in the custody of Department of Youth Services

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