Logic model quick-start

In this half-day workshop, I will guide your staff to:

  • Document their program logic models

  • Understand the basics of program evaluation

  • Formulate a vision for using evaluation to manage their programs and tell their story more effectively

At the end of this workshop, you're staff will have a shared vision for using evaluation and will be ready to move forward in a spirit of joyful, shared problem-solving.

Evaluation plan consulting

Create a full evaluation plan for your programs including

  • Selection of key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • Selection or development of data collection tools

  • Evaluation planning

  • Hosting and analysis of survey results

  • Data hosting and management with one year of support

At the end of this process you will know what your program measures, how and when it's measured, and how to use the data to inform program improvements.

An initial consultation over the phone or to discuss how I can help your organization.
30 min
Free consultation