Innervation | Data | Fund Development | Sustainability

2-Week Course

I have heard from many mission-based programs that they

  • have data but don't know how to use it,

  • are looking for ways to use their data to tell their story, and

  • are struggling with program and staff accountability.


To address these needs, Blakely Consulting is partnering with Grant Write Now! to offer a 2-day, retreat-style workshop.

At the end of the workshop you will have:

  • A Theory of Change for your organization. Theory of change is important because it documents why your organization takes the approach it does.

  • Logic Models for each of your programs. Logic models guide decision-making and form the basis of evaluation.

  • A Key Performance Measure for each program. Key Performance Measures keep your staff focused on shared goals and your organization’s mission

  • An action plan to improve program performance

  • A plan to use your new metrics to communicate with funders


More importantly – staff buy-in on those measures and the plan!

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